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10 Most-Wanted Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2018

Here are Facebook tips to enable you to use Facebook to your best advantage. Some of the Facebook tricks are standard and available if you look for them. However, many people do not take the time to learn all there is to know about Facebook, and if you need any of the services, functions or tricks and tips below they are presented for you to use.

1. Show Only One Name on your Facebook Account

Facebook normally requires your first and second names, and shows these as your account name. However, some people prefer only their first or second name to show, and there is a way to achieve this.

Click on this Proxy Link and you will find it set to Indonesia. Facebook allows Indonesians to register with just one name, since many in that country only have the one name. You will see a number of proxy IP addresses, of this is just a small part:

Change the proxy on your browser:

  1.  On Firefox go to Options -> Advanced -> Settings ->
  2.  On Chrome go to Settings -> Show Advanced Settings -> Network.
  3.  Under Network click to ‘Change Proxy Settings’ then click on LAN Settings to get this section:
  4. Clock the box “use a proxy server . . . “ then copy the proxy from the Indonesian IP Address and paste that into the relevant fields thus:
  5. The IP address goes into ‘Address field’ and the Port number goes into the ‘Port’ field.
  6. Click ‘bypass proxy server. . .’ then OK.

Now go to your Facebook Account ‘Settings’ and change the language to Bahasa Indonesia. Facebook now thinks you are Indonesia. Remove the last name on your Facebook name and Save. No go back and change your language to your original, e.g. English US. You will now have only your first name showing on your Facebook account and posts.

2. Connect to More than One Facebook Account at a Time (Chrome and Firefox Users)

Normally it is not possible to be logged into more than one Facebook account at a time. If you are using Chrome or Firefox, it is possible to create another user profile.

So: Go to Chrome -> Settings -> Users or People -> and click on ‘Add New User’ or ‘Add Person’ depending on your version of Chrome.

Choose a profile picture and add a name for the new ‘user’ or ‘person’. Click ‘Create’ or ‘Add’ and a new window opens. You can then add a new name to use as a second user. Login to Facebook and you can create a second account using a second user thus:

You can do the same using Firefox. When you login, you will see both users at the top right on Facebook and you can choose either. Login for each user and you have two users open on your account at the same time. Both of them you of course!

3. Make Your Profile Picture Part of Your Cover Image

Using this tip, you can come up some amazing profile images that are also part of your Facebook Cover photo. Go to Tricked Out Timeline to find out how you merge your profile and cover photo, take a section of your cover to be your profile picture or even zoom your profile picture up to create a cover.

Here’s one example of what’s possible:

4. Sync Your Facebook Events with Your Google Calendar

If you use the Facebook Events feature you will know where to find it – click ‘More’ under your cover image and scroll down to ‘Events’.  If you also use Google Calendar, then you will likely find it useful to sync your events into your Calendar. This is not difficult to do.

First, Login to Facebook, go to your ‘Home’ page (Not Timeline) and click on Events on the left hand side.  At the bottom right you will see links to ‘Upcoming Events’ and ‘Birthdays’. Click on each to get a link address. Copy these.
Second, access your Google Calendar page and find ‘Other Calendars’  on the left of the page. Click on the Down arrow button, and select ‘Add by URL’. Paste the first link and click on ‘Add Calendar’. Do the same with the other link and you have now synced the two calendars so that any new event added to Facebook will also be added to your Google Calendar.

5. How to Block Specified Friends from Seeing Your Status

When you share your status on your Facebook wall you may sometimes want to hide your post from certain members of your Friends list. Here is how to do this:

  1. After creating your status or post, click on the Friends or Public button under the post (depends on how your Settings are configured).
  2. You will get a drop-down menu that should read Friends, Public, Custom and More Options.
  3. Click on ‘More Options’
  4. Now you get another drop down menu with several options: click on ‘Custom’ again.

You now get two windows – use the one titled “Don’t Share with this” to add the names of the Friends you want blocked from seeing your post/status.

6. Download Facebook Videos to Your Computer

One of the issues with videos on Facebook is that there is no way to download the videos you like to your computer. Here is a good free software application that makes that very easy to achieve. Check out this great site that enables you to paste the video URL into a box to download it:

7. Turn Off Chat for Selected People

You may occasionally have the need to turn off Chat for selected people. There can be a number of reasons for this, and Facebook recognizes that by permitting you to so. Many people are unaware of this feature, so here’s how to use it.

  1. Open the chat box of the friend in question – do this by clicking their name in your chat box.
  2. Click the gear wheel Settings icon.
  3. Click to turn off chat for that person:

As you can see, you can also delete a specific conversation from chat history or even report specific messages as being spam or abusive. It pays to check the ‘settings’ icon on any of Facebook’s features, because they often provide options you didn’t realize were available.

8. Turn off Birthday and Other Notifications

If you get annoyed with notifications such as birthday notifications, and notifications about past memories or posts, then Facebook enables you to turn these off. To do this click on the top right down arrow, then click on Settings then Notifications. You get a page like this:

You can then turn off such notifications by clicking the appropriate link.

9. Turn off Automatic Playing of Videos

Many find it intensely annoying when videos automatically play whether you want them to or not. All need to do is click the top right down arrow -> Settings -> Videos and get these options:

Turn off Automatic Playing of Videos

Click the appropriate option to change the auto-play function on Facebook. Note: you can also change the video quality from this page.

10. Maintain Quality When Downloading Images From Facebook

If you want to save images directly from Facebook, you tend to lose quality, particularly of gif images. You can maintain the original image quality by using the following steps:

  • Open the image you want to download
  • Click on ‘Options’
  • Click the ‘Download’ button.

The image will then be downloaded in the same quality as the original.

Final Word

Finally, just a quick tip about nicknames. Facebook generally doesn’t let you use a nickname, but if you go to Settings -> General and click on Name you get to add other names – use your nickname, click to have it show on your profile and your nickname will appear alongside your real name on your profile. So friends who know you by your nickname will be able to identify you.

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